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"I have communicated with this business many times now and they are a trusted web site with a clean internet trading record. To confirm this please feel free to contact me, Graham Callingwood at Top Page Guru."


Why choose Vice Breaker


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As a practicing nutritional therapist I have seen too often the disastrous effect smoking has, not only on a smoker's health, but also on the health and lives of those close to them. Most smokers harbour the secret hope that they will be spared the disease and death that follows nicotine addiction. Don't be fooled: With four million people dying every year worldwide due to tobacco use, the odds are not in your favour. Smoking is undisputedly a serious hazard to your health. Because all body parts are interconnected smoking affects every one of your organs, not just your lungs.lynne brown

In my practice I have used VICE BREAKER very successfully in helping my patients to quit and regain their health. I know it works, as long as the smoker wants to quit. I know it's safe, being 100% natural and comprising a formulation of herbs, each serving a relevant purpose. For me a drug-free, nicotine-free, anti-smoking remedy is the only option - otherwise one could be trading one addiction or habit for another.

Lynne Brown - Nutritional Therapist - BSc(Hons), HDE,DCN.


For more advice and tips on how to quit smoking for good request my free EBook "Why and how to quit smoking for the last time!"

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• It is a straightforward, easy program to follow
• It is a quick and effective program compared to its competitors
• It is an all natural remedy with no known side effects


A comparison of the side effects of other anti-smoking remedies with VICE BREAKER which has no known side-effects

  Side Effect Patch Gum Lozenge Inhaler Nasal Spray VICE BREAKER™
  Headaches checkmark        
  Dizziness/lightheadedness checkmark        
  Drowsiness checkmark        
  Upset Stomach checkmark checkmark      
  Nausea checkmark checkmark      
  Bad Taste in mouth   checkmark      
  Tingling feeling on tongue   checkmark      
  Hiccups   checkmark      
  Heartburn   checkmark      
  Jaw pain (from chewing)   checkmark      
  Soreness of teeth/gums     checkmark    
  Indigestion     checkmark    
  Throat Irritation     checkmark checkmark  
  Mouth irritation       checkmark  
  Coughing       checkmark checkmark
  Sneezing         checkmark
  Watery Eyes         checkmark


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