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"I have communicated with this business many times now and they are a trusted web site with a clean internet trading record. To confirm this please feel free to contact me, Graham Callingwood at Top Page Guru."



The  following services are available:


Currently I am not offering in-person consultations at The Orchards Nutrition Centre however this is how they normally run:

These consultations take a minimum of 90 minutes, during which I gather from you information regarding your family history, present lifestyle and diet, your medication and nutritional supplement history, your past and current symptoms from infancy onwards. Once I have identified the underlying factors causing your current state of health, together we will devise a nutrition programme which breakfasttargets your individual needs and can be successfully implemented by you. Education is a major part of the consultation. If you need ongoing support to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle I am available to answer your questions for a period of 3 months after your consultation. The fee is R450 per patient or R550 per couple. 


E-consultations are very similar to the consultations conducted at the Centre except they are done online. I will email you a comprehensive questionnaire which you will complete and return to me. I then undertake to send you a full personalised report within 14 days of your completed questionnaire reaching me. During these 14 days there may be back and forth emailing between us as I try to access more information about you and your health history. For three months after the e-consultation you may continue to ask questions and bank on my ongoing support and encouragement. The fee is R350 per patient. To get started simply email me and I'll follow up with an invoice for pre-payment.


        Supplement advice: There are alot of cheap and nasty supplements out there, and           some can even be found on supermarket shelves! When in doubt send me an email             and if I can help I will. Or perhaps you know you need to correct, for example, your             magnesium or iron levels and don't have the foggiest idea where to begin.  I'd be very         happy to point you in the direction of good quality, do-no-harm, supplements.


Cherish your health

  • If it is good, preserve it
  • If it is unstable, improve it
  • If it is beyond what you can improve, get help
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