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"I have communicated with this business many times now and they are a trusted web site with a clean internet trading record. To confirm this please feel free to contact me, Graham Callingwood at Top Page Guru."


More about Lynne Brown


Although a qualified Mathematics and Science teacher, while raising my family of three boys, I became disillusioned with the continual symptomatic treatment of illness, especially that of allergies and digestive problems in members of my family and this eventually sent me on a totally new career path.

My research into natural remedies and getting to the cause of illness culminated in a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from the International Academy of Nutrition in Australia. I now run my private nutritional therapy practice, The Orchards Nutrition Centre, from our smallholding, Avon View, outside Somerset East in the Eastern Cape.

Being aware of the relationship between good nutrition and optimum health, I incorporate diet, detoxification and supplementation in my treatment regimen, while focussing on the prevention and reversal of chronic, metabolic and degenerative diseases. To reach as many people as possible, I also consult online, give talks in the Eastern Cape and write health articles for various newspapers and publications.

saant_logoI am one of the founding members of SAANT and served on its Council for the first 6 years of its existence. I enjoy community work and my activies as Trustee for the Siyakhulisa Trust can be seen on the website www.siyakhulisa.com. Although my work as a Nutritional Therapist and helping others is a hobby to me, my favourite hobby has to be gardening and growing organic vegetables for friends and family.


 Nothing can be more gratifying than receiving testimonials such as the one below. This is what I live for - helping people to get their health back without drugs.


My first visit to you was about 5 years ago. Some of my joints were giving trouble and you put me on a high dose of omega-3 fish oil.

3 years ago our local doctor discovered that on occassion I had an irregular heartbeat and sent me to a specialist. I was put on statins and blood pressure pills. Being a farmer it was no joke when I could not run during veld burning! I felt old before my time. In Sept 2013 you put me on a supplement programme to get me off the drugs that were causing such unpleasant side effects. By Christmas statins and blood pressure medications were no longer part of my life and my muscle function returned to normal. A visit to you in January led to a new eating plan and now I feel like a 30 year old and can do all the things I need to do on the farm. I am so grateful to you for your knowledge and expertise and for always being available at the other end of the phone to answer questions and encourage us.




What attracts me, very much, about your approach, is that you write for “Lynne”; Lynne, emphatically, with her overt passion, her views, her clear desire to help/assist/enhance/etc. is unquestionably and uniquely writing the newsletter. Thus, the “authenticity” of this approach is clear-cut and direct. While nothing is 100% “right” all of the time, of course, your guidance provides hugely sensible “food for thought” (‘scuse pun) and that, in the end, is what folks should require: a “basis” of sensibility (well supported) that allows them to sanely and effectively take control of their health. It’s war, out there, in the supermarkets … we need all the help we can get.
We, in S A, are far, far too “polite” with our opinions, I feel. We don’t talk enough, share enough, assist each other enough. We talk “Ubuntu” but we don’t practice it. You are a reminder of this current gap and, it’s folk like yourself that this country needs very badly. Over time, folk like you will change the status quo in S A – not easy most of the time. You teach folk to be brave and to take control of their lives, themselves.
So, in essence, I love the fact of how you bravely, proudly maintain your authentic “you” out there, whether via newsletters or, whatever. Life is short; we’ve got to live our own authentic lives and, well, clearly, you do! - Dorian





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